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Contact information
WizWise Technology
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The Netherlands
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What we do: Focus area's
XML We offer a broad set of services around XML as a means for Open Information Management (OIM).

Since long we advocate Open Information Management as the important road to achieve reuseability and preservation for information- and data systems. No longer let all your precious data and your efforts and money devoted to information system, get entangled with the computer system technology and vendor group of the day! In our opinion this "liberation from legacy" is nowadays best realized by using open XML standards(vocabularies) for information modeling, conversion and archival.

Using such open XML standards in modeling and conversion is indeed our expertise. This can be in a generic setting (e.g. xml, xslt, schema, rdf, webservices etc advice, instruction and applications) as well as in domain (vocabulary) specific areas (e.g. xbrl -, rdf - etc. application/tooling).

Our services come in the form of consultancy, in-house training and workshopping or as dedicated information modeling-, data conversion- or application/architecture design projects.

Web Services Building on XML, system interoperability can relatively easily be realized using open web service standards. In, so called, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) the implementation of (complex) business processes become transparent and flexible, resulting in an agile business environment.

Again, our expertise is open standards, modeling and conversion, now applied to business process models and work flows (BPEL4WS).

We offer Constancy services, in-house training and workshops on (model-based) SOA design and implementation.

Semantic Web The ultimate challenge of OIM is semantics. What does the (XML) data represent/mean? Representing knowledge about things in the world (ontologies) and automated reasoning about these things is the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The aim of the Semantic Web community is to apply AI-techniques to the world wide web, in order to gain a knowledgeable web.

In this focus area, we benefit greatly form our Knowledge representation and modeling (research) backgrounds.

We offer training about the key XML knowledge modeling language: RDF (Resouce Description Langage), and consultancy about design and use of RDF models in application domains..

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